Send All the Tweakers to Iraq.

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This would be great.To recruit.just offer all the meth
they wanted.they would all jump om the bandwagon.
Give em an M-4,Put behind the wheel of a tank.
A Sryker vehicle.And they would work around the clock.Just think how fast this war would be over.
And all the tax payers money this would save.
We Would not even have to feed them.Because there never hungry.And this shit is cheap to produce.
Man if i was president.

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A pretty hardcore meth users/addict. The term is used mainly to describe the behavior these individuals show after having been on meth for several days, i.e., hyperactivity, performing tasks over and over again, extreme fidgeting, picking of the skin, etc. Not a pretty picture. If you get a chance HBO has a special called addiction and it profiles some tweakers. Like I said before not a pretty picture, but it does open your eyes up to how f-ed and horrible this drug is.

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