Cracked Vigil 2+ LCD cable strain relief

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I replaced my Vigil 2+ with Cuatro this weekend in order to send the old unit in for a firmware update. When I pulled the LCD out of it's pocket, the strain relief slid down the cable, as shown in the attached photos. It was cracked all the way around.

There was no way to see this crack without pulling the LCD out because it was covered by the black tape/Velcro at the side of the pocket. Even then, the most visible damage was on the back, and the broken piece could be pushed into its original position, making the crack almost impossible to notice.

This Vigil 2+ was manufactured W38/2014 and has been in my rig for 2.5 years. Vigil Rigger Manual has the following to say on this topic (p21):



3) The condition of the connection points of the cables, mostly at the cable entry point of the control unit (Vigil® I) must be carefully checked, as well as the LCD display (see pictures below). In both cases replacement of the control unit is needed. These problems are very rare with the Vigil® II control units as the cable connection is a lot stronger...

Based on my experience, I would say that it's a good idea to check all Vigil LCD units for this type of damage and replace them if cracks are found. The actual wires weren't compromised, but the concern would be this thing breaking off completely, and then small pieces of plastic making their way into the reserve compartment or the cutter. The new Cuatro LCD unit uses a different type of strain relief in this place, which I think is going to be more resistant to cracking (softer rubber).

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Yup - I've seen this as well recently, but it was on an old Vigil 1 unit that was being pulled out for battery replacement per a recent SB. I am surprised to see this on a 2+ however as I was told by Vigil it was a known issue and addressed...
=========Shaun ==========

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