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Hi folks,

I have not trained a new rigger in over 45 yrs. I have been approached by a few folks who would like me to train them.:o

Anyone got any study suggestions? I have sent them info on the 'sticky' here about 'So you want to be a rigger?' Also, sent them info on the books in the ParaGear catalog.

And I have a CD of the FAA Rigger's Handbook I can copy for them.

Anything more that someone might suggest?


Jerry Baumchen

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The FAA Parachute Riggers' Manual is the best English-language book.

Strong's "25 Jump Inspection" Manual (Dual Hawk Tandem) is excellent for teaching inspections.

Also tell them to start copying manuals for all the gear that is popular on their DZ.
To that end, I usually start a rigging course by asking students to name popular gear on their DZs, then tailor the course to match the gear they are most likely to work on.

Following that same logic, I start the lecture on AADs by asking which AADs are most popular at their home DZs. If apprentices only mention modern electronic AADs, then I teach Cypres-centric course with brief mentions about how Vigil differs. More often, I assign a student to research a technical question and report back to the class tomorrow morning.

The Australian Parachute Federation's master list of Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, Technical Bulletins, etc. is the best single source for post-production fixes.

French-speaking apprentice riggers should start with Eric Fradet's book: "Materiel d'au jour d'iu" (sp?).

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Written test: http://www.dauntless-soft.com/products/groundschool/rigger.asp

They make an app for iPhone and I think Android. I found a free PDF from some other outfit, don't use it. Many answers in it are wrong. Save themselves a re-take and use Dauntless and pay the $40 or whatever.

Videos from Simon Wade are really, really good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orGGPg6IRW4&list=PLLkpO13Q9imTTQqFZ2iKuQ-9RyUovjHkG

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I gave a presentation at PIA 2015 setting forth the outline/procedure/guide for individual riggers who wish to train others.
I opened with a video outline and then had handouts etc for all attendees. Be happy to send you all of that and more. My students regularly pass the written with 90's and upper 90's, and they know the complete rigger "world" so to speak. Use the Poynter- Schlatter Rigger Course available in Para Gear catalog.
Over 20 chapters of text and questions. That, (plus other stuff) is the way to go to graduate knowledgeable riggers.

Using the Dauntless Q/A as a substitute or a dodge for teaching the substance of knowledge is the path to "rigger lite". And pisses me off. Someone without ANY parachute knowledge or any jumps can just memorize the Dauntless Q/A and pass the FAA written, and never have touched or seen a parachute. And, for all practical purposes, not know anything but the memorization dance. Purpose of FAA Written is to see if the person has the legitimate knowledge. Not memorize a $40 guide.

I'd be happy to send you all of it. I think I have a private message or whatever it is called. You can send your address to me and I'll ship it all to you in the mail.

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