Looking for help. Buying rig before 100 jumps

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Hello everyone,

This is most likely to be a repetitive topic as most new skydivers go through the same or a similar dilemma.

I have finished my AFF a little while ago and made 10 solos, so now I'm at 18 jumps. I do know that for 18 jumps it's still early for me to be looking for a 1st rig and that I should wait until I have at least a 100 jumps that way I know what size canopy I'm gonna be flying for a long while. The issue is I'm on a tight budget and tight schedule.

I am in the army and I only get 2 weekends a month to come out and play. There is also the possibility of me moving to a different location, therefore the Square 1 demo is not ideal for me. At the same time renting a rig to complete 100 jumps is very expensive. Doing the math to complete 100 jumps I'd have to spend about $2700 in rig rent which is almost the cost of buying a used rig.

I'm 6'.1" 185lb, when I started my AFF I jumped a 280 main and now I'm jumping a 250. I know that the downside of buying a used gear now is that I will not be able to downsize. And here exactly where my dilemma is and my brain goes blehh.... lol

I'd appreciate your advices, thoughts and experiences!

Thanks for your time!


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Very typical question.

Nothing wrong with buying a rig at this point. As you have figured out, it makes more sense than renting.
Nothing says you can't or shouldn't buy a rig that is an appropriate size for you now, knowing you aren't going to keep it forever.

Ideally, you could find a rig from another person who was in your shoes 100 or so jumps ago. Ask around your DZ. There may be an appropriate rig that someone is looking to pass down to a newer guy for a reasonable price.

Then, when it's time for you to move to a new rig, you sell it to the guy who is where you are now.

If you decide to go through the classifieds, work with a rigger or at least an experienced jumper. There's pitfalls and scams out there.
Generally, sellers are willing to have the rig inspected by a neutral third party. Search "rigger as escrow" for the details on this.
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