Are Low-Drag risers OK to be used at terminal?

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Hello guys!
First thing first, I know they manufacturer says "not recommended for use at terminal" (I am referring to sunpath specifically), so I am aware that this will be at my own risk.

That said, does anyone have any experience with using low-drag risers at terminal speed? I know a couple of people do around the DZ, but I thought I would ask for more opinions.
I am putting a full RDS setup together and I needed an extra set of risers anyway, so I got them low-drag because why not, I just want to know if they need to be used *strictly* subterminal or I can take them on regular jumps (which I don't do much anyway but would like to get back into), granted of course that the full RDS is switched to a slider-only rds for the freefall jump.

I tried to search the forum, but oddly enough this wasn't discussed or at least I couldn't find any topic.
Ideas? Opinions?
Thank you so much!
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I have no idea why they would say that.

I've got a few hundred terminal jumps on low drag risers, most of the camera fliers at my DZ jump them, as do a bunch of the freefliers.

I also know a ton of people who take their full RDS terminal.

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At the points where it is sewn in half depending on the method of sewing used the material is less flexible and can not move as freely as on risers that aren't sewn together, thus creating weak spots, that are more likely to break.
In short: liability of the manufactuer... (we told you so, blabla)

Although I don't know anybody with swoop risers, that have more than 500 jumps on them I also know a few, that are using them for regular terminal jumps.
As for full RDS, have a few hundred jumps, either 8s delay or terminal (ff, tandemvideo ect), no lineburn so far ( knock on wood)

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