Elemental Technologies is no longer manufacturing any skydiving products.

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Brian here from Elemental Technologies,
First, thank you for taking an interest in our product. We have had a great time over the past few years interacting with all of our amazing customers.

To answer your question, basically our business model and method of operation was not sustainable over the long term. Over the past year, other aspects of the business and personal issues have taken more and more time away from our focus on developing products and more importantly customer support. We needed to devote more manpower to those parts of the business but were unable to do so. We were a company of just two individuals and there wasn't enough of us to sustain all the roles/duties in the company. Recent personal tragedies and the company's financial hardships prevented us from spending the time our customers deserve on support issues or hiring more staff to do so. Before shutting our doors we explored alternative options but nothing viable emerged.

To all of our current customers,
A very sincere thank you. We have a limited amount of spare parts available. We will be happy to offer repairs if we have the necessary components. If any embedded developers would like to play with the ion I am willing to supply the info you need, PM me.

Blue Skies,

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