Best First Gear for new skydiver?

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Hi everyone, im on my course right now.. only have done my first 3 jumps on static line, and i was wondering what gear would you guys recomend? what Main, reserve, etc..
most people at the DZ have told me its best to buy used at the begining of my skydiving career because id be changing that after a few jumps.

If you have a place i could see used for sale gear please direct me to it!

much love and thanks!
blue skies!
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They are right about starting with used gear. New gear encourages you want to protect your investment. Used gear encourages you to be willing to protect yourself. You'll be more willing to land off or fall down if the circumstances demand it.

There are three basic options. Given that you appear to be in Argentina, some may be impractical unless you travel.
1. Talk to people at your DZ, particularly ones that communicate with other DZ's that are in the region (including Uruguay and southern Brazil if you're not in the south). That way you can look at it and try it on more easily.
2. There are classified ads here on dropzone.com (look at the tabs on top). In each category, you can see what's available by price, type, size, and country.
3. On Facebook, there's a Skydiving Gear for Sale and Trade group. Ads are serial and require a lot of scrolling, but there are a lot of them. There may be an Argentinian FB group also that you can post on.

Make sure you have someone available who can help you inspect and choose the gear.

There's also an article in the Safety section here on dropzone.com about buying your first gear. It's well worth reading.

Wendy P.
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