Looking for helmets to do custom test paint jobs on.

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Hello, please admins if this is not allowed please let me know and delete post. So I'm looking for helmets that are defective or over used and just collecting dust. I basically just want to try out custom test paint jobs on these helmets. I have done paint jobs for Airsoft mask, guns, and helmets. Also air tanks, and random things. I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pa with a degree in special effects. I figured I would paint them and send them back. If possible I would pay shipping back too if you pay to ship too me. Figured you get a free custom paint job and I get my work out there (Win, Win). If anyone knows there has to be regulations on paints on helmets like clear coating be too shiny and may need a mat finish. Like I said just trying to get to my art out there and possibly make some people happy with cool custom paint jobs. Also further open opportunities on making this in to side money. Thanks so much for any information, and blue skies everyone.
I just started

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