Mirage G4 MX or MX-1/2?

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So I am looking to buy a new Mirage G4 and am trying to work out what size to get; it would be required to hold an Optimum 126 and AAD, with either a VE90 or 79 main.

I am well aware of what the Mirage sizing chart says, but would be interested to hear from anyone on this forum who has either of these sizes and how they found canopies of these sizes fit in their containers?

I currently have my VE90 fitting fine in a G4 M0, despite the sizing chart saying that a VE111 is a soft fit in it.

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You are directly in the middle of the sizing.

Both sizes would work. The OP 126 fits in the MX & MX- 1/2 both the same way. There is only a difference in the main container.
Your VE90 could be a tight fit in the MX-1/2 but the 79 would fit nicely. :)

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