Making sense of Mirage Container sizing

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I'm looking at a new container and I'm trying to figure out if it will fit me. It's a good 500 miles away so I wanna have a pretty good idea it fits before making the long trek.

My current rig lists the size as 18 17 STD. I weigh 190 pounds, and I'm 6' tall w/ an inseam of 32", using the crude calculations out there I've seen that puts me at a MLW of 20"

I would say the current rig I have is comfortably snug, which is good for backflying but I don't think I can go much smaller. The leg straps fit me pretty well.

The new rig I'm looking at is listed as 16.5 23 +.5

Off the bat I'm concerned it could be too small, but I want a second opinion here and see if someone could help me makes sense of the 2nd and 3rd set of numbers.
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