What happened to Basik containers?

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To satisfy my gear curiosity, I've been looking into some of the interesting ideas Basik rigs incorporate, and it doesn't seem they're available for purchase anymore. I've been unable to find any sort of explanation or even statement to that effect however, the best I could find was a passing mention of "too bad they're not manufactured anymore" in another thread here.

So, what happened? I know Jerome is still around and posts actively, and Basik the store is still in operation. The rigs looked well-made and thought out, and very well-liked by people who jumped them. What gives?
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As I understand it, being a french manufacturer is VERY difficult, because of all the Inside politics and crazy administration.

But Jerôme is still around and his store is still in good operation..

He might even post here. His name on the forum is BKR.
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we stop manufacturing in 2013 because, as piisfich explained, politics and internal problems. Since then I sleep very well and I am very happy with our web site works.
Jérôme Bunker
Basik Air Concept

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