Pictures of round parachute malfuntions/issues

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I am looking for some pictures for a client. I need pictures of a round parachute looking up, like you were jumping it.

1. Normal parachute
2. Line over (Mae West)
3. Line twists
4. Damaged panels?
5. Streamer?

It sure would be nice to have these pictures be of an unmodifed parachute, not one with panel modifications for steering.

(I know may be asking for a lot.)

Maybe pictures some of you older instructors used when you taught course when you were using round, unmodified parachutes.

(Yes, I know I'm an old instructor, but I don't have any pictures like this!)

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Get hold of John Sherman, he's on here. He had some movies from Hugh's aircraft (i think). That had slow mo stuff of openings.
Might also check Face book, Old school skydiving.
U only make 2 jumps: the first one for some weird reason and the last one that you lived through. The rest are just filler.
scr 316

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