have you herd or used the digital altimeter ALTER ?

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I am interested to know what people think of this altimeter. On paper it looks good.


for use after dark

1-year warranty

Impact resistant
antiabrasive polycarbonate, 1.5mm

Measurement accuracy: 1m (3,3ft) Range:
-400 to 10000m
(-1300 to 33000ft)

Easy firmware update
USB - chargeable

Good price

case of different colou

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Sometimes I can't help but to feel like posts like this using an account with 1 post are put up by those behind a product as an advertising means of introducing it. On that front I'm already not feeling positive thoughts about a product/company.

The device looks OK and I think there should always be room for newcomers to the market. Their products always need to be sold for a considerable discount below the established players. Devices like this cost almost nothing to make but the margin pays for R&D and support.

A company like L&B can produce thousands of devices at low costs per unit but they have the staff, experience and engineering to ensure there is someone who can repair, recalibrate and provide whatever support you need in the years to come. I've been using my altitrack for 8 years so far. On that point it has to be cheap because I don't know if the company will be around in 2 years or 10 years.


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We're new to global market, but we're quite popular in post-Soviet countries. So, reviews are mostly in Russian, but reviews in English and other languages will appear soon. If smb have one of our altimeters, please write reviews, it will be helpful for us and people, who are looking for altimeter. You can find some reviews in our official fb page

Most of margin goes to RnD, new audible altimeter and firmware update for digital altimeter will come soon.

For more info visit http://www.altersky.net/
Regards, Alter team.

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I've got an extra Alter in my helmet bag that I'd be willing to part with if it still works and if you want it. I still jump an Alter on my wingsuit rig because of the angled left side mudflap mount. I know nothing of how 3D printers work but if I could, I'd love to 3D print just the mount and then anchor an N3 or Atlas to it.

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