Water jump deterioration with F111 and clean fresh water

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I understand that ZP has a calenderizing coating impregnated that breaks down, causing more air to pass through, reducing its advantages.

However, how significantly is F111 deteriorated by jumping into fresh, clean water? How is dacron's shrinkage in water?

The canopy will be dried in the shade immediately, and not jumped wet.
Gravity Research Institute

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Just to clarify technical terms: calendaring involves pressing fabric between hot rollers, this slightly melts the outer edges of yarn reducing the size of holes between yarn. Most fabric called "F-111" is MIL SPEC or PIA SPEC fabric that has been calendarized and lightly coated so that it looks like ZP at arm's length. The quickest way to distinguish F-111 from ZP is by shaking.
Shaking increases porosity of any fabric, especially F-111 because it loosens the (melted) bonds between yarns, so if you are going to rinse a canopy in fresh water, just rinse it in a bath tub p(with minimum agitation)gently drain and hang it in the shade to dry (as per Para-Flite Service Bulletin circa 1990). Para-Flite's biggest problem was a specific batch of nylon reinforcing tape that shrank when wet. OTOH Dacron suspension lines shrink an insignificant amount.
The silicone coating on ZP fabric rattles when shaken. That silicone coating soaks in between the yarns and reduces porosity to zero. Heck, some ultralight hiking fanatics sleep in tents made of ZP parachute fabric.

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