Purchasing my first rig!

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Hey guys!

I’m relatively new to the sport and want to purchase my first rig by the end of the year!

Just a little about myself, I’m 5’9 and 175lbs and am thinking of getting a 170 main.

So, Dropzone, what say you? I know the “best” gear probably doesn’t have a 1 size fits all answer — as the same would be true with anything else; like cars for example.

I’m really just looking to educate myself and perform my due diligence on brands and their respective pro’s and cons before I plop down a sizable chunk of coin for my own rig.

Anything is welcome and would help this n00b out considerably. Thank you very much!

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Have you tried the search funktion in the top right corner? Typing in "first rig" should answer your question plenty.
Really nothing has changed in the last 10 years so even the older threads can hold valuable information for you

To absent friends

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Welcome to the sport but Slow down there tiger. :)
ON the other thread you wrote..

'I’m currently working on my A license and fresh out of AFF with 14 total jumps. The issue I’m having is accuracy and standup landings on a 220 main. When I was in AFF I could put a 260 down like a butterfly with sore feet. But, now that I’ve down sized to a 220 every landing I’ve had has been fast, always over shot (no matter where I start my final), and ends with me PLFing or looking like a ballplayer sliding into home plate."

Its very easy to get carried away with getting a smaller rig - particularly when you're newly licensed.

So read again what you posted on the other thread.

The difference between a 260 and 220 is 40 :P - but look at the difference in how fast you come in and how much more difficult it is to land.

When you downsize again you will no longer be on a student type canopy - the fundamentals of the canopy will change (flare point/responsiveness to inputs/glide ratio etc)

Get good at landing the 220 in no wind (take advice from your instructor)

Do a canopy course. Buy Brian Germans book The Parachute and Its Pilot

Once you've done 50+ more jumps you'll have a better idea about whcih canopy/rig would suit but its not a 170 :)

(For what its worth - I have done 4 canopy courses and consider myself an average canopy pilot and I moved from a 188 to a 168 on about jump 270)

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Backing shorehambeach's advice.
Ask local instructors and coaches to observe your landings and tell you how to improve. Video is the best debriefing tool.
Get consistent on standing up landings - near the target - on a 220 before seriously contemplating downsizing.
Once you stand up the 220 ten jumps in a row, you should ask your local instructors if they think you are ready for a 190.

When Yolanda hard, every extra square inch of nylon overhead helps ease the hurt.

Parachute nylon costs much less than ambulance rides.

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Instead of spending money on gear, make more jumps. Until you're making 2-3 jumps a weekend, and you decide if you are staying in the sport.
Can you pack? Spend your money learning that.
Can you do a decent PLF?
Look at what other people your level are jumping. See how it lands, flies, opens.
Read the thread in incidents about the girl in Kansas.
U only make 2 jumps: the first one for some weird reason and the last one that you lived through. The rest are just filler.
scr 316

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