Parachute labs website down?

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My bad, yes, it looks like jumpshack.com's web server is down. I'm guessing it just needs to be restarted.

The other "parts" (DNS records, hosting, etc.) that make a website work appear to be in place.

I PM'd their owner (JohnSherman), hopefully he can get in touch with the right folks.

Edit to add:
If you're looking for something specific try pasting the link into Google and see if there is a "cached" link that comes up in the search result. Sometimes you can get to things that way or perhaps there is another website with that document.

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Sorry guys, we're working on transferring everything that was on JumpShack.com to plabsinc.com. There is some stuff that is not working that was interconnected between the two sites. We'll get it all up and running as soon as possible, in between building containers and canopies and spreading the Jump Shack/Parachute Labs love. If you were looking for something specific and can't find it contact me directly [email protected]
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