G3 audible pocket fitment

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Can anyone show me a picture of how the audible goes in. I'm thinking about getting an audible as a backup and after staring at my G3 it got me confused.

It looks as if there is a slit on both sides of the helmet... but it seems as if that would get super uncomfortable, or too loud. Doesn't feel like there is much space...

can anyone show me how it sits in the helmet?

I have to imagine the wind noise would cut down on the noise in freefall... but under canopy is it annoying?

Thanks skyfam!

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it goes in the slit and push it down towards the chin strap....not up. You can control how loud the beeps are. The canopy beeps aren't as loud as the free fall alarms. It's no uncomfortable. It doesn't stick out or poke you at all.
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