Mirage Trap System

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There was a lot of discussion on this when it was introduced a few years ago, but not much since. Have there been many real-life activations? Any stories of how regular riggers like the packing? Any notable shortcomings, now that it's been in the field for a while?

I'm not a fan of overly-complex emergency gear. After many years jumping, I only started using an RSL a few years ago. The UPT Sky Hook seems to be performing well in the real world, and I'm interested to hear views as to how the Mirage version of the MARD stacks up.


Kevin K.
Dude, you are so awesome...
Can I be on your ash jump ?

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I went to the factory for a 1 on 1 demo with their rigger. I find it to be complex for my taste but they had thought of all the major things I could think of that were safety related. Based on the facts they gave me it has a moderately higher disconnect rate after activation.


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