Re: Felix's Rights.

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Let's just hope that it will be a case of Do as I say not as i do, cos the Bush Government has lowered the bar when it comes to the treatment of people suspected as terrorists...and that is exactly why Felix and co are being held. I really do hope everyone being held is treated with respect and dignity.....a luxury not offered to the hundreds of people held without charge or counsel by the US in cuba.

This war on terrorism is being used as panacea for many things, and Felix' arrest is just the thin end of the wedge.

Felix is a controversial character in the BASE community, and it would be easy to gloat at his misfortune, but at the end of the day, he's a jumper who means no harm to anyone. He may well need the BASE communities support if things don't go well at his hearing.

I wish him well and keep my fingers crossed that the authorities see he is of harm to no one but himself and release him without charge.

One day it could be me or you.

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Very Valid point.
In my initial post I made a reference to upcoming elections. Can you imagine the damage control futilities if BASErs show that the Homeland security act and the Patriot act to be totally useless and people had their freedoms taken away for nothing on the eve of the election?
food for thought.
Take care,

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