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Hi Everyone!

A friend is selling his v310, he fly a Spectre 150, i want it to fly a Spectre 170, reading the size chart from UPT the only 170 canopy in Full Fitting is Pulse 170, the packers in my DZ say to me that the spectre 170 can be fit inside the v310, anyone has experience fitting a spectre 170 in the v310?

Thanks for all


Blue Skies!
Juan Gonzalez

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As a Vector dealer -I would not want to try to get a 170 into a 310 unless it was a Pulse.

At under 30 jumps - I think you're setting yourself up for failure, in more ways than one.

Thanks Skydivesg, i was goint to buy it for the future, not now! hehe, i'm not jumping a 170 right now! i am at 190.

In the end i talk to vector and did not bought the container, i just place a new order for a v348, in 8 months i hope i can jump with a 170!

Juan Gonzalez

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