Wings w-4 with op 126 and sabre 2 120?

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Not that it's an exact match, but close for reference. I've got a W5 with an OP126 and a Katana 97. I originally had my PD113 in there, but with the Katana and the PD, it was pretty damn tight. So, I switched reserves with my other gear to make them both a better fit. I had an easier time packing the OP than the PD into the W5, but it was still pretty damn tight.

My gear is a bit older too (2004 I think), so it might be made slightly differently, but I think you'd be pushing the limits. Basically a maxed out reserve and a larger than max main. MIGHT be ok if you don't have an AAD, but if you do, I'd say forget about it.

FWIW: I have also put my Triathlon 99 (pretty new and Gelvenor fabric) into the same container with the OP and it's a brick. A 120 is probably pushing the limits, but I'm sure it could be done with a struggle each time.

Also, I do have an Argus in each of my rigs.
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