Canopies with similar pack volume to Pulse.

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Yes I am concerned about the 143 reserve. I've talked to three experienced jumpers on my dropzone separately and they've all said it's fine. I will probably try to get the Optimum 160 reserve, I'll be wingloading that at 1.25. Not perfect but manageable I suppose? The attitude at my dropzone is that since it's a reserve ride as long as it saves your life it's okay and it flies docile because it's a 7 cell.

Again I'm just a newbie so I don't really know much.

Would you jump a 150 right now? If not, why not?

If not, then why would you jump a reserve that size?
7 cells aren't that much different or "more docile".

The "attitude at your DZ" is pretty foolhardy.
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