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Hello All,

It is quite possible that I am posting this in the wrong section, but I could not find the original forum section I was looking at previously.

But, I need everyone's help.

I had scoliosis surgery when I was 16 (I am not 23) and I promised myself then that I would NEVER let the surgery define me or limit me in any way (my Dr. said It shouldn't). Yet, now, when I decide to go tandem skydiving with my mates, my Dr. says he does not advise it - but he has also never heard of any of his patients doing it. So I am wondering if he is not advising it because he is just a Dr. and taking the safe route, or if he honestly believes it is not a good idea.

Either way, from the experience of peeps on this forum - would tandem skydiving be safe (obviously it cannot be guaranteed but safe relative to non-scoliosis surgery people)? My doctor made mention of his concern about the landing...if someone can fill me in on that.

Thanks! And I apologize if this is not in the wrong place, I just need help to make a decision.

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I guess it depends on how severe your surgery was, whether it affects any other activities you do and how you personally feel about it.

We really cannot advise you, you do need a medical opinion because you will need a medical form completing before you jump with that kind of history (or at least, you would in the UK, it may vary around the world). You should also consider whether jumping against your doctor's advice might invalidate any insurance cover

You might want to post in the Tandem forum for considerations about the landings. The aim is usually for the tandem instructor's feet to touch down first (so you lift your legs up for landing), but slide landings are also common, particularly if winds are a bit high.

Maybe consider the potential to the rest of your life if a landing goes wrong - obviously a risk to anyone who does a tandem jump, but given your surgery, you might be more prone to injury from a hard impact than someone who hasn't had surgery. If you decide the potential risk is worth it, then go back to your doctor and discuss it with him in more detail.

Good luck!
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You need to find a doctor who can comment intelligently. You have a very valid reason for wanting a medical opinion; you just need one that's educated on both your specific physical condition, and on skydiving.

If your doctor is open to being educated, you can have a doctor in a different discipline contact your doctor; if not, then you need to find one who can evaluate both.

Wendy P.
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I'm not a doctor, and you really should find one who knows a bit more about skydivers and skydiver-related injuries who can comment on your specific situation.

That being said, I was found to have mild scoliosis when I was in grade school. It wasn't bad enough to warrant surgery and I was given some exercises to correct it. I've also managed to throw my back out a few times in the intervening years. I'm now 43 and have not had any trouble from my back since I started skydiving a year ago. I've had a few pretty hard openings -- the DZ has a rental sabre 2 that spanked me so hard once I saw stars, and I packed myself an off-heading opening once that whipped me around pretty severely.

By the same token, a friend of mine recently had a hard opening that apparently gave him a concussion and whiplash. So it's not like it's 100% risk free, but you're jumping out of a freaking airplane so I don't think you have an expectation of 100% risk free, anyway.

Personally my decision would be to go for it, but my decision already was that.
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