Restoring slider brass grommets

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I bought a second hand canopy and, rather nicely i thought, the seller sent me 2 sliders with it. On close inspection though, he wasn't as nice as i thought he was...

One of the sliders is somewhat burred, with noticeable groove marks from the lines, and there's a little bit of surface rust making it feel rather rough in those areas.

The other one is even worse, in that the grommets have been set badly and there are some nasty sharp sections in the inner bottom areas of the grommets... >:(

So the question is. Is it feasible to clean the rust and give a light sanding to slider 1 to smooth things out? Can the same smoothing altbeit a bit more 'vigorously' be done to slider 2? Or do i have to find myself another slider?

Can post pics later if it makes a difference and someone is curious, but just considering my options at the moment.


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Just my uninformed arsehole, but I think you can smooth out smaller grooves in a grommet with fine sand paper/polish. If the damage is bigger the grommets can be replaced. Luckily, brass grommets are fairly cheap. I think someone else was asking the same question here recently.

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Brass grommet and vectran lines do not go together.

Vectran lines will eat it through within 200 jumps.

Having limited exposure to Vectran or HMA, is this simply a friction issue, or is there a heat/chemical component to the problem? (not that it changes the outcome/problem... just curious)

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no idea about HMA, but vectran is considerably rougher than say spectra..

my nzaerosports safire2 came with vectran and SS-grommets on the slider however. no abrasion after nearly 200 jumps, still look like new!
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