ATTENTION: expired/rebuilt PD reserves with fake labels

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There is a major thread developing on http://www.skycentre.net/index.php?showtopic=22276&st=100 about PD reserves bought second-hand, that on closer inspection show a fake label and signs of tampering/repair/rebuild. So far 3 cases have come up in Russia, and the canopies may have originated from Poland.

Please be aware of this scam if you buy a cheap second-hand reserve canopy, and be especially conscious about any bulk buyers of expired reserves online.



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That statement about Poland is a little bit of speculation. Here is what has happened:
One of Russian skydivers has bought a used PDR-176 for a relatively low price. Later he has become suspicious about it's coloring and further inspection has shown that the label has been reattached. He has contacted PD and they responded that PDR with this SN should be solid yellow.
Later one more guy has shown up, stating that he has bought PDR-126 from the same seller and it also has the signs of label reattachment.
Finally the third buyer showed up, providing pictures of a PDR-126 with a label replaced and SN identical to the second guy's PDR-126.

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There are at least two different serial numbers in those photos. It's hard to tell how many canopies there are... can you fill us in a bit?
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I think this is a bigger problem we all need to start preparing for. What do you do when knockoff rigs, canopies and such start polluting our industry? The aviation industry ran into this a number of years ago when a knockoff part spilled some blood.

How can we avoid the same situation? Should all the manufacturers provide a means of registering and assigning serial numbers? May not be a stupid idea before someone goes in under a reserve that's only meant to "look" like the real thing.


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Some Polish guy was looking for old, 20 years old reserves to buy, mostly interested from PD.I was wondering why....

That guy is a regular here, and he's good. He buys 20 YO reserves in Poland because there is a rule there that says reserves can't be older than that. He then sells them as 20 YO reserves. He buys and sells openly in the classifieds. I've dealt with him and he has always been very honest.
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