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Rent. Try before you buy. You wouldn't buy a car or a pair of pants before you tried them would you? Not just the canopy but the harness/container. I've seen people with rigs that they fuss with constantly because the thing wasn't comfortable.
U only make 2 jumps: the first one for some weird reason and the last one that you lived through. The rest are just filler.
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i'm a total newb but even i'd say you are wasting your time and money buying a rig at this point. learn to freefall and pilot a student canopy for a long while before making that investment.

I'm 6'1" and 185 and i am jumping a student rig with a 240 main after a few jumps on a 260.

If you insist on buying gear, buy yourself a cheap open face helmet (I like my Benny) and get yourself a decent set of goggles. Beyond that you should probably just focus on learning on what they tell you you should jump while you are being instructed.

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