First New Rig, Vortex 185, Volt 185, Decelerator; Pros/Cons?

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I'm getting ready to buy my first new rig. Money is an issue, but not the biggest issue. I already have the used stuff.
I'm really leaning toward the Vortex 185+Volt 185+Decelerator.
The biggest reason for this leaning is that a couple of people I respect have recommended this rig. The price isn't bad and I can get my choice of colors.
The size sounds right for for me, 5'-9", 165-170. I'm not interested in a "super fast", athletic canopy. I prefer the nice opening, easy ride.
Any pro or cons on this rig that anyone would care to share??
Thanks for any opinions
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Vortex - I jump an old 170 vortex and would happily get a new one. They are comfortable and well priced if not cutting edge with the design features. Size depends on you, and if you want to go to a 170 at a later stage you will still be able to fit it into this container with just a shorter closing loop.

Volt - Closest thing I have heard it compared to is a pilot. Slightly elliptical. have not had a chance to jump one but people I know with them like the canopy

Decel - I have a 180 in my vortex and so far that is where it has stayed. More experienced jumpers have told me they prefer the smart from aerodyne because the flare is better. I load mine at 1:1 so not particularly worried about that. It will do it's job.

Your profile does not list experience but that size rig should put you around 1:1 which sounds fair for someone not wanting a fast canopy.

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