Packing: Pilot ZPX vs Pulse

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In my experience, the Pilot 150 ZPX packs a little larger than the Pulse 150. That's in Southern California - the two canopies are made of different materials, so differences in climate, etc, might make make your results differ.

I normally pack a Pulse 150 or a Storm 135 into my container without changing the loop. Back when I bought the Pulse, I had borrowed a buddy's Pilot 150 ZPX, considering buying one, but it was uncomfortably tight in the container with a longer loop. I actually preferred the flight/landings of the Pilot to the Pulse, but chose the Pulse because the Pilot would have been a brick and possible hesitation risk in my container.

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Does a Pilot ZPX pack smaller/alike/larger than a Pulse of the same size? For example: Pilot 150 ZPX vs Pulse 150.

Thanks for your patience ;).


They both pack *about* a size smaller...which is generally what the manufacturers state. People always talk about the compressibility of the wing due to low bulk fabric but always forget about shit like tapes, line length etc...that stuff doesn't shrink. As you get smaller the advantage will go away a bit.

They will both generally fit in a container for a 135. The 129/132/135 (or whatever) will fit better. What a shock. If you're trying to jump two sizes down it will suck. Especially if you cram the biggest reserve you can in there.

Re: the 308...a 135 with a OP143 is the definition of the "vector brick." It fucking sucks.

The low bulk stuff is great...it does allow a smaller container (do the math on what reserve you're comfortable with). My first owned wing was a Pulse 170 in a new container sized for a 150. It worked. But the 150 (both 7 and 9 cell) fit better.

Good stuff...but this shit doesn't perform miracles

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