Icarus Omni v PD Storm

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Im curious why Im not seeing many Omni's out in the field. Im needing a lower performing canopy for wing suiting and flying heavy camera set ups and if the Omni has those lovely smooth soft opening which Icarus are so well known for then it seems like an ideal canopy. I just can't find anyone who is jumping one? Can anyone tell me your experience of Omni's I'd be especially keen to know of anyone who has been able to compare its characteristics against the PD Storm .

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I've only done two jumps on an Omni 169 (loading 1.1) and around 100 jumps on various size Storms

The omni is a bit different from the storm, perhaps more compareable to the PD spectre. Although a seven cell, it has a flatter glide than a storm, but handles a bit better on rears with breakes set - which is my major (only?) problem with the storm.

Packed the same way as I pack the storm, it opens nicely. With a longer snivel, searching somewhat more and thus not quite as dead on heading as the storm, I would not have any issues with using this as a wingsuit canopy, and the longer softer openings might even benefit your if you're flying a heavy camera set.

If you have not read it already, there's a review in the gear section:

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Did about 200 jumps on a PD Storm 150 (Video, Wingsuit, RW, Hop'n'Pop) and changed recently to an Icarus Omni 129. The Storm is a pretty good canopy with a lot of flare power. Openings often resulted in a turn at the end (off-heading) - talked to some others and they had the same experience. Due to a lot of camerawork I prefer soft and reliable openings. So I demo jumped an Icarus Omni 149 and ordered an Omni 129 some weeks ago. The openings are very soft, with a pleasant snivel. It is not as ground hungry as some other 7-cells (Spectre ...), has predictable reactions on toggle inputs, but landing is not the same like a Storm or Spectre. Due to a higher airspeed (it's my impression that it is a bit higher than any other 7-cell I jumped before) landing is not a problem, but the Omni offers not the same lift during flare like the Storm does. Front-Riser-Pressure is a bit less than the Storm, but still high - it's a 7-cell ...

In summary:

- turns during the very last opening-phase
+ Very easy to land even under difficult circumstances (lot of flare-power)
+- Carrying camera equipment, openings could be softer / flying wingsuit openings are perfect (here you do not want to have a everlasting opening)

- Less flare-power than a Storm or Spectre
+ Openings are very soft, on-heading
+ Pleasant pressure-input on toggles
+ very high quality in manufacturing

Storm: 1,2
Omni: 1,4

Blue skies

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