Brand new Vector 3s for 200! Get them while they last!

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Unfortunately making this a clicky will not work, alibaba redirects you if you come in from a redirect.

So manually go to:


Type in Vector V3 in the search.

150-200 for a vector. Found a mirage too.

Can't wait until students show up with these!

Screenshot attached in case you can't find it.

Importer: Unique Mobiles Limited, UK

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This sort of thing scares the heck out of me. I've worked in the auto trade for years and it's full of counterfeit parts. Aviation even had its trouble when knockoff bolts sheared and the tail blew off an AC killing everyone onboard.

I've gotten material traceability sheets with products that were entirely fake. I knew from welding a SS part that it wasn't 304. A friend working for a metallurgical lab proved the alloy wasn't even close. Yet it came with "documentation".

How can we protect against a rig that shows up complete with serial numbers that's made with sub-standard webbing, hardware and stitching made in a chinese sweat shop by a 10 year-old?

$200 is insane but what of a rig sold for $1200? $2500? Remove all the R&D, support and QA checks that go into a company like UPT and I'm confident you could build a rig of sub-standard material $200.

What do you suppose 350sq ft of ripstop tent nylon costs? Imagine how many counterfeit spectre 150's you could sell before it's found out?


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is it real?

seems too good to be true

It may be real. But it won't be real good. It will be a knockoff made by people who have no clue what bill of materials need to be used.

FYI, BillBooth, who replied to my 1st post, is the inventor of the real thing. His post indicates he can't build a safe real thing for that amount, in a funny but perfect way.

To Hackish - I fully agree... If these do take off in the industry, riggers, manufacturers and others will have to learn how to identify the fakes.

Alti-2 sent out a letter last week explaining how to identify fake components knocked off their line (in their case it was a non-functioning unit designed for role play airsoft games, so anyone in the plane on the way up would have noticed the needle was not working).

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Given the issue facing Alti-2 recently and now this... Gear Manufacturers may want to rally and register these types of counterfeits with http://www.stopfakes.gov/ if for no other reason than to protect themselves. Just a thought.


"The letter will raise eyebrows as 2014 was widely viewed as a blockbuster year for the firm, with its $25 billion listing on the New York Stock Exchange in September propelling Ma to the top of China's rich list overnight.

The firm's fortunes have turned somewhat in last few weeks, however. A Chinese government agency has accused the firm of allowing "illegal operations" to flourish on its websites, including the sale of counterfeit or fake merchandise -- which has in turn raised questions by US stock market regulators."

"STOPfakes.gov was launched to serve as a one-stop shop for U.S. government tools and resources on intellectual property rights (IPR). The federal agencies behind STOPfakes.gov have developed a number of resources to educate and assist businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as consumers, government officials, and the general public." http://www.stopfakes.gov/about
Nobody has time to listen; because they're desperately chasing the need of being heard.

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I was just showing these links to a local business journalist that has reported on Ali Baba on his radio segment and we realized that they are using images of the real rigs - at least one lifted from Mike Gruwell's website WITH his chutingstar logo........ so who knows what you'd actually get if you ordered one......

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Not everytihing on alibaba/aliexpress are scams or cheap copies.
But there are lots of scammers so be aware if you plan to order anything.
I have orderd twice from different manufacturers on alibaba and once on aliexpress.
Both orders on alibaba was as expected but the guy at aliexpress probably tried to scam me, luckily I used a escrow service.

The "rules" are the same on alibaba as on all other equal sites (amazon, ebay etc.), deal that are too good to be true generally are.
No manufacturer can produce everything, so if they claim to make cloths, carparts, mobile phones, car tires, etc. then they will scam you.

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