FireFly Jumpsuit Beware

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Just a quick note to advise against order from FireFly.

I placed an order last spring....yes, last spring....i think. Regardless months ago.

I have heard nothing from firefly. I have called, left messages and emailed. no response.

Are they still making and selling suits?

Will they reach out and let me know?

I would not recommend this experience.

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It's mostly a one woman operation. Knowing how long the owner has been in this sport, not to mention her family, I would have no problem ordering from Firefly and in fact have sold a number of their suits in the past. I would not however expect that it be produced fast. As with any piece of gear custom ordered in this sport the buyer should take the responsibility of obtaining a quote of not only the price but the production time and make decisions accordingly.
You're not as good as you think you are. Seriously.

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