Cookie Fuel - Dobble GoPro setup?

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Hey adrenalin junkies / blue skies chasers / crazy fuckers!

I'm about to buy a new helmet.
I'm working as a tandem photographer. Some of my colleague are using a modified Cookie G3 with a plate for 2 GoPro's and a cut-away system - Which does the job alright. But I would like it to be completely shake-free.

I was just kinda hooked on the Fuel - cause I wanted to use it for swoop as well. After they announced the chin-cup I pretty much fell in love.

My problem is to find a solution for mounting 2 GoPro's on the original mount spot? A homemade copy of the original one - with a plate to mount the 2 GoPro's perhaps?

Any Ideas?

Look mommi! Me jump out airplane! Wiiiii

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