(copied from rec) FAR Part 105 Changes

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This bulletin was released this morning from Ed Scott, USPA's
Director of Government Relations
A Bulletin for USPA Group Members
Vol. 5, Issue 3
May 9, 2001
The final rule that amends Part 105 was published in today's Federal
Register (Link it at
http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/aces/fr-cont.html ,
then look under FAA, or link it at
http://www.faa.gov/avr/armhome.htm and
look under "Recently Published Rules.") With a 60-day waiting
changes take effect on July 9, 2001. Attached is a USPA summary of
the new
Tandem Tandem skydiving is incorporated into Part 105; exemptions
will no
longer be required (and students will not need an explanation of why
are an "experimental test jumper"). Tandem instructors will need to
certain experience requirements (three years in the sport, 500
and a D license) and complete a training course conducted by a
or other FAA-accepted course provider. AADs must be installed and
in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. There is no age
limit in
the FAR.
Packing Part 65 and Part 105 are changed to say that persons who
may pack a
single-harness main parachute include: a rigger, the person making
the next
jump, and any person under the direct supervision of a rigger.
Persons who
may pack a tandem main parachute include: a rigger, the tandem
making the next jump, and any person under the direct supervision of
Direct supervision is defined to mean "that a...rigger personally
a...person packing a main parachute to the extent necessary to
ensure that
it is being done properly, and takes responsibility for that pack
(Preamble language suggests that the FAA intent is that the rigger
be on the
premises and available for consultation.)
AADs If an AAD is installed on any parachute system, the AAD must
maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
systems must have an "operational" AAD and the AAD must be armed
during each
Radio Communication Communication with the relevant ATC facility
must be
established at least five minutes prior to the jump. A pilot is no
required to report when the last parachute is on the ground, but
must now
report when the last skydiver exits and when the operation ceases.
If radios
become inoperative, the jump must be aborted.
ATC Authorization/Notification Jumps in Class A, B, C, and D
require an ATC authorization; jumps in Class E and G airspace
notification to ATC. The authorization/notification is made with the
facility with airspace jurisdiction. (Flight Service is removed as a
for these purposes.)
Foreign Skydivers Foreigners may jump their own non-TSO'd,
rigs as long as those rigs meet, and are packed in accordance with,
own country's certification requirements.
No Changes No changes were made to:
* holding pilots responsible for skydivers creating a hazard;
* requirements for airport management approval;
* the reserve repack cycle; and,
* Part 119's 25-mile from-airport exemption from requirements for a
commercial operating certificate.
D.Chisolm C-28534
[email protected]

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Oh dude that sucks! I was really hoping for them to change the reserve repack cycle! (as I am sure everyone was!)
I was under the impression USPA thought that would pass, but I guess not!
"What we're all really seeking is something where we can feel the rapture of being alive."J.Campbell

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Thanks cyberskydive. Now we have some FACTS to discuss.Thank God the FAA is finally going to legitimise tandems. Even with a relaxation of age requirements, most DZs will still insist on local age of majority.
As to who can pack mains ... The FAA is probably saying "if it ain't broken, don't fix it." As long as main malfunctions only kill a few people per year, the FAA is not going to change the regs
Concerning repack cycles ... I have to agree with the FAA retaining the 120 repack cycle, at least in the Southern United States. If you are hard-core and making more than 300 jumps per year, your gear should be inspected more than once or twice a year. The 120 repack cycle is an educated guess at wear patterns. The key is to catch wear problems while they are small enough for your local Senior Rigger to repair and before they become life-threatening. If you want to let things fray for 180 days, then you get to pay a Master Rigger, or the factory big bucks to do major repairs! A 180 day repack is practical in places like Norway, Canada and the Northern United States when people only jump 5 or 6 months out of the year. They just get their gear repacked once a year - in the spring.
Speaking of repacking gear in the spring ... my packing table has disappeared under reserve canopies, so maybe I should go to work now.
Blue skies

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a question...

will no longer be required (and students will not need an explanation of why they are an "experimental test jumper").

Does this mean that we (as dropzone employees) can stop showing the tandems the video with the guy with the long beard? i alwasy forget his name. It was made in 1981 or 1982.. sometime around there. Its in black and white and refers to tandem skydiving as an "experimental test jumper" experience. Ive gathered (from sitting in on so many tandem briefing classes) that this video sort of relaxes them. They get a good chuckle out of it. Skymonkeyone, can you answer my question? and can we keep showing the video if we choose to?

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Dude's name is Bill Booth. Founder of Relative Workshop and inventor of the 3-ring release, though I could be wrong on that. My favorite part of the video is when he mentions that "we hope to have a rule change sometime in the early 90s." I loved hearing that in May of 2000. The part where they show the ambulance driving off of the field is actually more entertaining than scary... have any of you seen the parody of the tandem waiver video that's floating around? I think it's on Pilot Dave's FTP.
Blues, squares,

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