stinky nylon

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Does anybody have a way to get rid of that awful, puke-like smell that old nylon gets? It makes me retch, and I deal with a lot of pilot rigs that have this stink (I'm guessing butt-sweat is one of the ingredients. sigh).


Butt-sweat is not the worst thing I have found in PEPs!
I have washed old engine oil, puke and urine out of PEPs.

I even re-placed four harnesses (a pair of Softies and two Telesis student rigs) from Brazil. The iron content of Amazonian soil corroded all the cadmium off the hardware and the underlying steel was turning a variety of shades of ugly red rust. Fortunately the rigs arrived before the rust frayed harness webbing.
That was around the time stainless steel hardware came into fashion. Now I advise jumpers to buy stainless steel hardware so that I no longer have to worry about red rust abrading webbing. Sure stainless steel produces a bit of grey or black oxide when it corrodes, but that grey powder is too fine to fray webbing.

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