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Evening all.

So I have finally found a first rig that I like and want to buy, no dramas there. However the group that I am buying it off is a company called SKY SHOP Eu based in Lithuania. Now the rig that I've found is second hand and was advertised on facebook so I've spoken to them via inbox and it is now just pending payment, so I guess my question to you all is have you had any dealings with this mob and are they trustworthy?

There facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/wwwskyshop?fref=ts
and their official site is

They have asked me to pay via international bank transfer which I am not overly keen on (not sure whether its going to old mates details behind the screen or the company) and unfortunately I can not find any classifieds on their official site so I guess I am open to suggestions in that regard to.

Thanks for reading and the feedback :)

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