Canopy sizing in Mirage G4.1 M4

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I'm currently jumping a Safire2 149 in my Mirage G4.1 M4, which is listed as "soft" on Mirage's container sizing guide. My reserve is a Smart 160, which is listed as "optimal" (i.e. fairly tight).

Even though the 149 is listed as "soft," I still have a fair bit of distance to shorten my closing loop (probably a good inch). Can I fit a Safire2 139, or even 129 in this container? Thanks!

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Can you? Sure.
Nothing or nobody will stop you, but you are going one size or even two below manufacturer's recommendations.
The way I see it, the closing loop is only half the picture (although it's probably the most apparent one), but also how the thing will fit in the tray, how your canopy will stay in a overly large bag and how the bag will get unevenly compressed by the flaps when you close it with a super-short closing loop to make it tight, especially on Mirages, Vectors etc. where the closing loop starts from the top of the container. I am not a rigger, so maybe somebody else will chip in, but I expect this to be a good recipe for hard or weird openings, out of sequence deployments, increased chance of lineovers etc.

Would it work? Yeah, "probably".

I would do it if I was demoing a canopy for a weekend or trying it out a friend's canopy for a couple of days, sporadic hop and pops, etc... sure.
But I honestly would not recommend to do it for my everyday rig, the one to jump all the times many times a day.
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