Skydivers and "normality"

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Calling any university conservative is almost as big a paradox...

You've never been through A&M before, then. Yeah, we have a couple blue haired freaks;), we actually have a little of everything, but politically it's very conservative. There weren't even any protests on campus during the Vietnam War. No, not everyone thought we should be there, but they didn't stage sit-downs and stuff. This is probably due to the very heavy military influence at the school. :)Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.-General George Patton-

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You've never been through A&M before, then.

Pardon the topic drift here for a second . . .
Ya know, and this ain't no bullshit, if I ever wanted to go to a school with team/school spirit Texas A&M would have been it.
Quite a few years ago I had the privilege (and yes that's actually the right word for it) of attending one of their yells before a football game. It was a damn near religious experience for these folks and pretty freekin' cool.
I'll admit that the cheerleaders from UCLA and USC look a HELL of a lot better (what with them being chicks and all), but there's something kinda cool about these good ol' boys in their farmer coveralls tellin' tales about old football games and the crowd chiming in to punctuate the punch lines.
Ok, -maybe- it sounds kinda lame, but I assure you it's not.
It's really cool.
Gig 'em Aggies!

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