Testers required for EvoLog->JumpTrack converter

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Fscking limit on the subject line, should read:
"Testers required for Evo2000->JumpTrack logbook conversion software"
Not sure if this is the best forum but here goes...
Is there anyone out there who, like me, went from a Cool n Groovy Evo2000 to a Larsen & Brusgaard ProTrack and kept the database generated from the EvoLog software? I've written a program which creates a new JumpTrack database or imports data into an existing one from an EvoLog database and I'm looking for people to help test it out. I'm particularly interested in databases which have the freefall profile downloaded (i.e. the graphs). Being able to zip up and mail the databases to me would also be a help in case there are any bugs highlighted by your data. Also, please let me know which version of JumpTrack you are using.
Please reply here or drop me an email to craig(at)poxon(dot)org if you are interested in helping out.
D11665 FSB5

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