Infinity I-44 Container/Canopy Compatibility

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For those who own or have owned the I-44, I was wondering what your experience with the container was like in regards to canopy fit. I know they're listed to fit up to a 170 main, but we all know that not all canopies are created equal.

I'm particularly interested in the Pilot, but am open to the Triathlon, Sabre2, and Pulse as well. I should probably note that I currently have a PD Reserve 160 in there right now.

I emailed VSE and their rep told me that the Pilot 168 ZP would be a tight fit; that they've found the Pilot to "pack about one size larger, so a Pilot 168 ZP will pack more like a Sabre2
190." Has anyone else had this be the case? He also stated that the Pilot 168 ZPX would pack like a Sabre2 170. Conversely, I've read a comment on this forum from a member stating that he was able to pack a Pilot 188 ZPX in his I-44 with room left over. Thoughts?

Additionally, the rep stated that a Pulse 190 would be able to fit snug in the I-44. Anyone able to comment on their experience with this?

Thanks y'all.

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My rig is an Infinity I-44 with a Pilot 168ZPX main & PD176 reserve that I bought new. No problems packing (after the first 20 or so pack jobs on the new main), and no negative feedback from my rigger. I've since relined the Pilot with Dacron, and it still fits although a little tighter.
FWIW - I picked my reserve & main, and Kelly F. (Infinity) sized my container for them.

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I have an Infinity I-34 with a Micro Raven 150 and a Fusion 150 in it right now. I started out with a Pulse 190, then a Safire2 169, Safire2 149, Stiletto 150, and now the Fusion. The Pulse was easier to pack into the container than any of the other main canopies and didn't cause any bulk distribution issues. Pilots pack bigger, so unless it's ZPX fabric a Pilot 168 would be a nasty pack job in my opinion.

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I have an I-44. I have a 170 Sabre2 and a PDR 176. I ordered it new, I chose the canopies, they (Gail, actually) chose the container size.

The PDR 176 goes in nicely, I haven't had to use it (yet), but when I repack it, it comes out easily with the main still in (I reach over my shoulder and pull on the reserve bridle).

The Sabre2 170 fits perfectly. Not too tight, not too loose.

I haven't tried to put anything else in it.
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I've got maybe 1500 jumps on an I-44 that I bought in 2000, and that rig now serves as a student/rental for the local DZ. Over those years, I've had the following combinations in it (below).

That particular size and shape is incredibly flexible, you can put just about anything from a 190 to a 135 in there, with 150-170 being the sweet spot.

Reserve : Tempo 210, which packs very close to a PD176 with dacron lines.

PD 190 (the original 7-cell F111) : a little snug
Hornet 190 : a little snug
ZPX Pilot 188: tight
ZPX Pilot 168: normal/medium
Pilot 168: snug
Sabre2 170: snug
Sabre2 150: perfect
Katana 150: close to perfect, maybe a little bit smaller than the Sabre2 150
Sabre2 135: easy with a short closing loop
Katana 135: easy with a short closing loop
Velocity 120: normal/medium

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