Terminal Comp Velo Openings Please Post Vids

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As the title says, please post any Comp Velo terminal openings that you may have on video. I would love to see openings that do not include an RDS. The rumor is that they open better than regular velos. I have a comp velo 96 on order and I am crossing my fingers that they do actually open better. After extensive research on dz.com and the web (in general) I have come to the conclusion that there simply aren't enough people jumping them to give a conclusive opinion. Ian Drennan stated that they open better than a regular Velo but I am yet to see anyone else post a detailed opinion on the Comp Velo with a standard every day jumper setup (500 HMA/Standard slider).

It's a ridiculously expensive price tag (3300 for a comp velo with a standard slider and the standard 500 hma), but if the openings are really more predictable and controllable than the regular velo..... my opinion.... well worth it..... I've been jumping velos for about 6 years now. I started on a 111, then moved to a 103, then a 96, then a 90, and now personally I prefer the 96 (which I just ordered a comp velo 96). Honestly if this "Comp" version is better for openings than a standard Velo, then why the heck shouldn't every Velo jumper be using it? They should rename it the "Velocity 2".
I agree with compensation for research and development.... don't get me wrong.... I just feel as though the Comp version is being marketed and targeted only at competition swoopers. Look guys... have you ever read the flight characteristics sheet on the "Comp" version of the Velo? Essentially it flies just like a regular Velo with some slight variances to the regular Velo platform. Am I going to swoop an additional 250 yards? No. Am I going to start competing on the pro swoop tour? No. But you know what, It does state that the openings have less searching and additional "refinement" to the opening characteristics. I really could care less if I swoop further....

But look guys, I have literally searched the internet until I reached the end of the earth as we know it. Video of the Comp Velo in action under terminal opening conditions is extremely scarce ( especially with your regular jumper configuration.... no RDS). It almost doesn't exist. It is rare. I want to establish a larger opinion base than what is currently available on the web. I have not yet been satisfied with what I have read. Honestly the only reason I actually put my order through is due to the fact that PD has never steered me wrong, and the fact that I have NEVER had any problem reselling any PD canopy.

Based on my chats with Performance Designs, and my research on DZ.com and the web in general, I feel as though any proficient Velo pilot would appreciate the "Comp" version of the Velo. I am only basing my opinion on professionals that have gone on record on DZ.com such as Ian Drennan. Tell me why I am right or why I am wrong.... thanks.

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I have found that the openings are much better in terms of on heading performance, very little of the hunting that the VE is famous for. More brisk but not hard. A fair bit of increased snatch and sit up force, but nothing worrisome.

-- More of that may come from the fact that I have a 30" ZP PC and a 10' bridle since I have a subterminal setup.

I don't have video, and this only comes from a few jumps taking longer (7-10) sec delays on hop and pops.

Then again, I use a VC for what it was intended - RDS and 300 vectran lines. That setup isn't ideal for terminal openings, and not repeated ones at that.

From what I have heard from other comp jumpers, some have jumped the VC at terminal, with 300 lines and a full setup. Brisk - and one even reported to get 200 jumps out of the 300 lines.

Not exactly an answer to your question, but I worry that you are not going to find a large sample size of people jumping a VC on 500 and a stock slider.

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I owned two Standard Velocities 90ft² and now a VC90.
Openings are the same on the competition velocity as on my other velocities.
The openings are almost always onheading and with a nice snivel. At terminal a bit faster then when I do hop & pops. 50% of my jumps are freefly, the other 50% are hop & pops for swooping.
I always pack my canopy with care so maybe that has to do something with it ;-)
Same wingload on the Standard one as on the Competition Velocity.
- Wingload is 2.6. I only use the removable slider (so not the full RDS).
- Lineset is HMA500

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