Server looking for good home.

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I'll be finding out soon whether or not I can continue running my server the next school year or not. It's not looking likely though. I'll probably be on a DSL connection shared with 4 other people. So, I'm wondering if anyone wants to take over the great server o' videos. AndyMan, you mentioned you might be able to host it on a server at work... how serious were ya? Any college students with fast connections and decent computers (had been running on a pentium2 350 till last week, so it doesnt take much) want to give it a try? The URL (which I don't own myself, by the way) could be switched over to your IP address. You'd need to run an FTP server and a web server, and for the database driven site, a database server too. I can help with getting all that set up. So, if you'll be in a situation to run it, and you like boobies (ok just kidding... i dont get paid in boobies, but maybe i should), let me know. I'll keep ya informed about my status for next year.

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I have a static IP DSL line which could be used as a mirror site if that helps at all. I have Apache and FTP running on FreeBSD with little traffic going upstream
Just a thought
Conjunction Junction, what's your function?

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I don't want your server!
We'll transfer the content over to mine, then change the URL.
Oh - BTW - I just got approval to put this into our corprate data center. It will be be plugged straight into an OC13. You may all begin drooling now.
Of course access for Craig and Dave was a given.
This deal should be good as long as I'm employed by this company, and traffic doesn't bankrupt our ISP, or us.
It will be plugged striaght into the RCN http://www.rcn.com/commercial/index.html or A-Net http://www.anet.com
ICQ: 5578907
MSN Messenger: andrewdmetcalfe at hotmail dot com
AIM: andrewdmetcalfe
Yahoo IM: ametcalf_1999

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