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One extremely talented, local band (sorry, I don't think they're skydivers) is Mike & Joe. They play mostly in Illinois, but I've had the pleasure of seeing them a couple of times at Indiana University.
Their website: http://www.mikeandjoe.com
But she grew up tall and she grew up right, with them Indiana boys and an Indiana night

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Rush = Toronto
Sarah McLachlan = Toronto.
Allanah Myles = Toronto.
Barenaked Ladies = Toronto
Any questions?

WHO?! ;)
rush used to be OK,
sarah different music but still good
allanah. I know I heard her but nothing comes to mind
BNL- overrated/overplayed + commercailized= stale
Just my opinionated...opinion!:)(now, its been a year since ive heard any NEW music so maybe I am wrong, but as of 22 aug 01 that is my opinion

Have fun, Live free, SKYDIVE!!T

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george thorogood! i know he's a little old school for a lot of tastes, but damn can't he get a crowd going! his motto has always been "no hall too small, no bar too far." sounds like a skydiver credo to me!B|
get crazy, before it gets you.

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