Worth getting for rigging?

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I purchased one when I first started rigging. I don't use it very frequently any more as I have gotten proficient with loop lengths, but it does come in handy on certain containers (Wings) where the angle of the pin can be strange due to the reserve pin cover.

The quality is sound, but you will need both style if you intend to use it for the Skyhook.

I don't have the Skyhook version, but have wished for it in the past. The blunt tipped pins can be a beast to pin.

I think if you are always using it every time you pack a reserve, your loops are probably too short, and you should see if the pull tension is going to be greater than 22 lbs.

That said, I have a few tools that I only use once or twice a season, but I'm really happy I have them when I need them.
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I'm in the camp of "have one, have tried it, it can be handy for an extra tight rig, am not against others using it if it works for them, but I usually don't use it".

If I'm forcing the closing loop up (or equivalently, the top flap down), then it is better that I'm doing it with my leverage device for which I have a feel for what too much tension is, than just forcing the pin in with an extra tool. If I can't get an extra couple mm of loop showing, I need to work the rig or something and not just force the pin in.

The older, stubbier, wide figure-9 closing pins for Skyooks can be a pain as they won't go in well even when one has enough loop showing past the grommet. So the big hollow end temp pin could be more useful in such cases.

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