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I'm sure I've seen 10,000 posts on the subject but as I keep seeing, it needs be relative to my specs:
I'm looking for a full rig and would love some opinions on the following given my specs:

-Fresh off the Canadian PFF ; have 15 jumps
-Comfortable w/ riser turns/flat turns/landing within 50 meters of the target (at my dz) jumped in both no wind and 13-15 wind speed.
-DO NOT want elipticals for extremely obvious reasons
-Generally after research I would prefer the following:
-ZP fabric (Keeps better)
-Microline (Keeps better, though less elastic)
-Low aspect ratio (more stable? less eliptical?)
-Slinks (less abrasion)

-Looking to pack a PD Reserve plus so far either a
-Sabre 2
Into a Javelin Odyssey
I'm about 200lb and 6'1"

Any help would greatly appreciated. I love gliding and don't want a ground-hungry canopy. I'm also asking my DZ instructors who recommended after

20-30 jumps or so a 190lb wing loading.:)

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Yo !

Definitely get at least ZP topskin (i.e. Don't excluse hybrids with low bulk or F111 bottom skin).

don't get stuck on spectra lines (microline is a PD name for spectra) - vectran or HMA are just as good, if not better (long debate)


a) If you are" about 200lb and 6'1"", then you cannot "20-30 jumps or so a 190lb wing loading."
b) at 15 jumps you cannot say what you are comfortable with, nor does your accuracy performance have any statistical significance.


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Hahaha. What they have me jump at the DZ is a 260 main. So I have a very light wing loading, but like I said, the JM recommended maximum a 190 after 50 jumps or so. And at 15 jumps I'm barely certified to look at the canopy, this I know very well.

Thanks for the clarification on the lines.

All this being said, I'm still divided on the canopy ; which model is best for my situation (at the appropiate wing loading).

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Ill answer your question with another question - What's the best car on the market? Simply put, its impossible to outline the 'best' isn't it? One may be weak in one area but stronger in another and people will form their own opinions. Canopies are no different, and just like cars the only way to know what compares to what is to test them.

Figure out who the main players in the game are (PD, aerodyne, Icarus etc...) then figure out what canopies in their range is suitable for you. After your options are on the table use whatever means you can to figure what you think is the best.

If you can't demo canopies you may not pick the 'best' straight up but reviews can help this decision somewhat (check out the 'gear' section). At the end of the day all modern ZP canopies have had a ton of R&D poured into them so you can't really go wrong with any aimed at your skill level.

Good luck dude

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