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I am buying my first rig and I have some questions about the order form. I know that a lot of people are going to tell me to buy used for my first rig, I wish I could find one, but being 6'2" it is hard to find a harness that will fit me with a container that will hold a 190. I found out that there is a company that has a pretty good military discount so I decided to buy my harness/container new. So, my question is about riser length. The company offers 18,20,22, and 24 inch risers. Like I said, I am 6'2" and have a pretty good reach. I have read that longer risers will help with riser input but I want to be able to reach my slider. Any suggestions? Is there a standard size? Another question I have is, is there a difference between narrow and wide chest straps? And the last question is, what are the pros/cons between ZP and F111 PCs? Thanks for any help you all can give me.
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