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I have seen them at a few boogies and just went ahead and ordered one the other day. Chris is really helpful I wanted a small change done to the suit and said it was not a problem. For what you get the price is great. Plus there options are really well priced, $6 for a pocket instead of $20, $15 for a zipper instead of $45 Ect... When you see one of these suits in person you really get an idea for the quality of it. If anybody has seen the tug of war demo you know what I am talking about. I don't think many other companies would not only let you but ask you to try and damage their suits. Their website could use some work and they are not the fastest at returning Email or answering questions but it is a small company and you can't expect the everything to be perfect, but even going with a bigger company that does not always mean the customer service will be great there either. Ill post again once I get the suit and jump it a few times.

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The latest buzz on Free Fall Skydiving Suits Just a Heads up folks .. Regarding a suit of his being sold on Facebook

Unfortunately this post is an example of someone who cannot distinguish between a personal dislike for me and the business.

I did not post right away as I needed to verify the facts.

The seller of the suit who is mentioned in this post told me that she doesn't even know Mr. Walczak, let alone texted back and forth with him.

Therefore I have no idea where the "screen shot" come from.

There is a simple theme to this thread on our suits, those who are actual owners love them. They give good reviews of the quality.

A case in point is the seller of the suit mentioned in this post is getting a Vicki model suit (female freefly cut) from us. That says it all.

Please ignore any further posts from Mr. Walczak as they will be negative after the reads this response. All his messages are reflecting his personal dislike of me.
Downsizing is not the way to prove your manhood.

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I bought a suit years ago when he just got started and I still have it... I only had a small rw handle issue on this old suit but in light of the manufacturing issues he had, he offered to give me a credit on it towards a new suit.. honestly, I wasn't really interested in a suit at the time but he lent me one to jump and it helped me fly so much better that I had to get one.. If you have ever met me, you know I have no issues telling you like it is friend or not.. if something sucks, I dont care who or what it is, I will tell you it's garbage..
I did a tracking dive and since Im like a sub 200 jumper at 190lbs and fall fast, i rarely can stay level with a group.. i need baggy material to slow my fall rate. But I did a tracking dive at summerfest this year and as I grabbed the leader's shoe and fell past him... but with that suit, I was able to slow up and stay tight with the flock... It felt like I had alot more forward momentum too.. it was pretty crazy how much better it was ... So, no brainer, I had to have one... He measured me and had it delivered to me in just over 5 weeks.. !
So far, no issues, fits great and its super comfortable ... I will keep you all updated on my suit and if any issues arise but so far, .. I love my suit!!

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