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Dude, everyone is clapping you on the back for 'staying alive' !

Sorry to be harsh, but the only reason your alive is luck ...that your downplane wasn't fatal, downplanes have killed many.

Jumping with a solid cloud base at 1500ft

Audible Alti not working correctly

Chest strap not done

No Altitude awareness demonstrated (If it wasn't for your AAD you'd be a statistic)

No Awareness of 2 canopy out management (with a downplane configuration, - chop the main immediately)

We all make mistakes and I'm no expert, but I'd consider preparing for the sport a bit better.
Practise the 6 P's!

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Do you have an audible that can't be adjusted in the plane?

A visual altimeter is useless if you never look at it. It's better to pull once the ground starts getting big. If you're jumping into clouds you'd better know your altitude and that there is nothing underneath or in them.

Maintain altitude awareness at all times no matter what happens during the skydive.

Check your shit, and check it often. 3 buckles, 3 handles, 3 rings.

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