Vector container neon yellow fades????

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Welcome on board.

Get away from any NEON color on your h/c & canopies.

Neon colors fades in sunny / summer conditions.

Order your h/c with solid stable colors - it will help to keep the value as well at sale time.


You are correct that some neons tend to fade badly over time. They are also much more visible than many basic colors.

Safety first, vanity third.
Chuck Akers
Houston, TX

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All bright colors will fade. Piping is done with binding tape, which will also fade but since it's a small area it won't be super obvious that it's faded. Also, since it's cosmetic, any loss of strength in the fabric won't matter.

My container is almost all electric blue. I knew it was going to fade when I ordered it, and it has. The cordura has faded a bit more than the binding tape. But it's still a bright color, even after 10 years.

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Do they, UPT, mention this on their web site? I do think they warn you about this...

but as I was told some individuals, with a lot of cash, like the flash so to speak, if only for a short time...

not so sure about resale value, vectors have been holding their own as far as selling them, many newer V3s' two years later are selling for very high prices and the buy'rs are happy to pay the price.

kind of like what is happening with newer canopies, take a look in the classifieds section, two year old pd products selling for 1800 when they are new for 1950.... wow!
But what do I know, "I only have one tandem jump."

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