SF-10a and T-10R Packing manuals

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I am looking for sources for packing manuals for SF-10a main and the T-10R reserve.

Any recommendations?
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The SF-10A packing instructions are found in the Army tech manual for the MC-6 TM 10-1670-327-23-p/

It can be downloaded from here;

The latest T-10R tech manual is TM 10-1670-269-23&P

It can be downloaded from here:

If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll send it to you copies.
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Ah yes, Bob knows military round canopy gear. I only got to pack a T-10R MIRPS because someone local to me was headed to his little DZ at Dunnellon FL, where people go to jump military gear.

e.g., things he sells

He's got a web site too but it is half finished at the moment.

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