Dave Dewolf's 2013 Senior Riggers Course.

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Has to be the best investment I have made in my short skydiving career. All the instructors were extremely knowledgeable, patient and always helped out when needed. I cant say enough good things about the course and instructors. Dave, Bob M, Mark L, Mark N, Rags, Bill H, Nate, Sean.. I hope someday to know half of what these guys know.

Also, Performance Designs sent Rags up to Pennsylvania free of charge to teach us how to sew patches and I could not be more grateful. What a way to give back!! Rags really hooked us up with a solid technique for sewing patches and I was impressed how well our patches turned out. We learned so much, honestly within an hr we were sewing pretty dam good patches.

We also recieved free scissors from Precision. That was nice to knock off 25 dollars from the tools. Not to mention we used those scissors many times everyday and they still work great. Once again thanks Dave!

One last comment - Handsome Dave has to be the nicest guy I ever met. He worked hard to make sure we were catered to and recieved anything we needed. It was obvious it was not about making money but rather teaching us the best they could.

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Dave was awesome.

It was an amazing learning opportunity to have so many great riggers in the room to gather critique and tips from and begin to form a technique that works best for you.

And of course, many thanks to Cheryl W. who is the glue that holds the entire operation together.

Thanks again guys,


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